Primeval – Series 3, Episode 5

A rather annoying business executive riding in the back of his rather expensive car phones a minion and tells him to collect some paperwork from his flat while he’s on the way to catch a train. The minion gets to the extremely expensive apartment, which is filled with lots of bizarre modern art. He’s particularly impressed with the newest piece, which we recognise as a strange sparkly thing anomaly. He calls his boss and mentions how cool it is, which surprises the boss as he hasn’t actually bought anything lately.  When the minion’s phone is dragged into the anomaly, he follows it into some future location where a nasty looking fungus spits spores into his face. He staggers back, coughs up some spores and is then dragged back into the anomaly, which closes.

At the ARC, we find that Connor is sleeping in the office, since Abby has her little brother staying with her. He’s accompanied by two cute little Diictodons that missed going back through an anomaly a few weeks back. One of them gets loose and this could be a bit of a problem….

Meanwhile, that annoying excutive type, having given up on his minion, has gone to his flat to pick up the paperwork and a good dose of fungal spores. Well, he didn’t plan on getting those, but got them anyway.  And off he goes to catch his train, getting increasingly unwell and with blotches of fungus growing all over him…

And then the security alarm goes off at the ARC. Connor thinks it’s his escaped pet getting somewhere it shouldn’t, but it turns out to be Danny Quinn, making an unorthodox application for a job. While Lester tries to handle that situation, creepy Christine turns up, asking about the mysterious artifact, and trying to get Lester to accept her minion, Captain Wilder as Cutter’s replacement. And while Lester denies all knowledge of the artifact and declines her kind offer, it’s found that the anomaly detector is offline due to a slight case of cable chewage. Once that’s fixed, the gang are alerted to the recent presence of the anomaly we saw earlier.

At the flat, the fungus is discovered by the team, and Connor is given the job of analysing it. And it’s nasty, virulent stuff. Which is made very clear when one of Christine’s minions, who’s been having a bit of a snoop around, touches it and collapses. Connor and Danny go into the room in full biohazard kit, and find that the victim has been pretty much eaten by the stuff. While they’re looking elsewhere, the apparently dead man rises and is revealed to have transformed into a nasty mobile fungal wossname. And while that’s happening at the ARC, there’s a chase going on at St Pancras, where our increasingly mouldy executive is feeling most unwell. He heads for some conveniently dark and damp tunnels.

Connor and Danny leave the big fungal monster in the lab and decide that something needs to be done about it, what with it contaminating anything it touches. Connor tries raising the temperature in the lab, which eventually leads to the big fungus exploding quite messily.

Down in the tunnels, the executive has morphed into another fungus monster. Danny dashes to the site with flamethrowers to deal with it.  But at the ARC, things go a wee bit wrong again, when Connor’s pet manages to get into the lab. Connor goes in without putting the full biohazard kit, and finds that the fungus isn’t dead. It’s just spored. And the nasty stuff is growing rapidly all around him. He suggests lowering the temperature, which does manage to kill the fungus, without quite killing Connor.

Realising that flames might be a bad idea, Danny manages to get the fungal creature into the back of a security van which he takes back to the ARC, where the gang have prepared enough kit to freeze the main room. Lots of fun follows, with Jenny having a close encounter of the fungal kind, which leads to her needing to be revived after being slightly frozen. But at least the fungus was destroyed.

Lester announces, much to Christine’s annoyance, that he’s appointing Danny as Cutter’s replacement. And Jenny decides it’s time to leave, and off she goes.

Any doubts about how the show would continue without its original star can, I think, be safely dismissed. It’s coming along nicely, with some interesting secret plotting going on, and the ongoing mystery of the artifact developing nicely…