Doctor Who – Image of the Fendahl

This Doctor Who story, starring Tom Baker as the Doctor and Louise Jameson as Leela, was first shown in October/November 1977, and is another of those gothic horror ones. There’s a lot of fun here, with a standard-issue haunted priory[1], a mad scientist who’s not quite as mad as his seriously deranged colleague, a human skull that’s quite a few million years older than it’s got any right to be, and a deep secret from time Lord history. All very good fun indeed.


A relatively small collection this time. In addition to the usual commentary, production subtitles, photo gallery and PDFs of TV listings[2], there’s some low-quality extended and deleted scenes and the even more uusal making of documentary.

[1] Also used in Pyramids of Mars a few years earlier
[2] Which is more than you get with a lot of DVDs…