That should do it for now

With a bit of fiddling here, and adjusting there, things are now pretty much working as they should be. The gallery fits in quite nicely, comments appear to be working, with the nicely threaded thinginess in full effect – this is good stuff, as it allows comments to be made in reply to previous comments, so you can see who’s replying to what.

The only things not working for the time being are the toolbar buttons and smilies on the comment form. I know why these don’t work[1], but getting them to work is another matter. More research and head-scratching will follow when I get another tuit. Which after today’s marathon WordPress session[2] probably won’t be for a while.

[1] This fancy theme uses custom IDs for the text area rather than the simpe “comment” ID that the plugins are looking for.
[2] Including this one, 11 posts in one day, plus a whole new look.