The Maccabees – Wall of Arms

I sort of vaguely heard the previous album by these guys, but didn’t really get into it in a big way. However, when I heard the opening track of their new one, I was a lot more interested. At first, I thought it might have been a previously unknown track by the Arcade Fire – it’s not an identical sound, but there’s a similar feel to it. And this is a Good Thing.  I’m just beginning to give the rest of the album a  proper listen on Spotify, and so far it’s sounding pretty damn good, and not all that Arcade Firey. I’ve put a Spotify link at the bottom of this post so you[1] can give it a listen yourselves.

I’d also recommend another track – No Kind Words.

Direct Spotify link and if that doesn’t work, try this one: listen on Spotify

[1] Assuming you can get Spotify where you live