Yet another new look

I’m trying something a bit different here. The new look you’re looking at[1] is a slightly tweaked version of the rather nice and quite clever Carrington Blog theme. So far, I’ve just rearranged a few bits, and I will need to add a few more bits and pieces here and there, but I thought I’d give it a go on my live site, and see how it looks and works.

[1] Assuming that you’re not reading this in your RSS reader, and that I haven’t changed the theme again by the time you’re reading this

13 thoughts on “Yet another new look

  1. Les Post author

    OK, a couple of the links at the top of the page don’t work at the moment. I know why that’s happening, and I’ll fix them later. But other than that, this appears to be working nicely….

    1. Les Post author

      And now I’ve got a theme that works properly with this sort of thing, you can now reply to comments, rather than just to the post. Which might be more useful sometimes. You’ll see that this is a reply to the first comment I made….

    2. Les Post author

      OK, the Archives link at the top is now replaced by the drop down thingy in the sidebar, and the Tags page is replaced by the tag cloud, which is also on the sidebar. Problem solved, QED, etc.

      1. Les Post author

        And the search thingy is now using Gooooooogle again.

        Fancy buttons and smilies will return here as soon as I can persuade them to work.

  2. Twisty

    Hmmmm….the interface is very clean and nice. I like it. Not sure I like it better than the old version, but we’ll see.

    1. Les Post author

      I like it – to get this fancy commenting and bits opening up in place working with my old theme would have been far too much hard work.

  3. Twisty

    Egads! My comments are showing up under “Recent Comments” at the right!!! I liked it better when they were buried and obscure! Now I have to make them more interesting!

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