Blackadder’s Most Cunning Moments

Just catching up with this fun item on the TV channel currently known as G.O.L.D.[1]. It’s much like one of those Channel 4 “Top 50 whatever” shows – lots of clips, talking heads and a minimal budget. But as all the clips are from Blackadder, and the talking heads include members of the Blackadder cast and crew, this is no bad thing at all. Good stuff, with some fine contributions from the always excellent Tony (Baldrick) Robinson, and the always lovely Stephen Fry[2].

I may have mentioned my affection for this TV comedy classic before.

[1] Used to be UK Gold, then UKTV Gold. There’s been a lot of channel name-changing lately for reasons that probably make sense to somebody
[2] Whose contributions entirely justify the existence of Twitter. And indeed anything else he goes near.