Spotify Getting Better? (Well no…)


It seems this rumour is, in fact, a load of dingo’s kidneys. Spotify have denied having any such plans: Spotify: No truth in £9.99 monthly download subscription rumour

I haven’t found anything about this on the actual Spotify site, but Macworld is reporting that the £9.99 a month subscription deal is going to be improved. Not only will users be able to enjoy all that lovely streaming music, uninterrupted by ads, but they will also be able to:

download as many tracks as they want from 7Digital‘s six million-strong catalogue

Spotify currently provides links for users to buy MP3 tracks from 7Digital, but this would be something quite different. If the report turns out to be correct, it could be the perfect musical package.

I hadn’t got round to investigating 7Digital up till now, and it seems I really should have done – they’ve got some good prices on albums. But an “all you can eat” deal at £9.99 would be irresistible…

MacWorld – Spotify to offer unlimited downloads in £9.99 monthly deal