Primeval – Series 3, Episode 7

After last week’s drama, this episode was a lighter one – lots of running around, and some good old fashioned fun.

The first thing we see is a medieval (more or less, exact period not really specified) church. Lots of people sheltering there because of a fearsome Beast of the dragon persuasion. Fortunately, a good knight is on hand to save everyone. Sir William rides out and sure enough finds a suitably spiny and generally dragon-like creature, which we later learn is a Dracorex.

Abby has now worked out that Rex is AWOL. She asks Jack, who claims to have “lent” him to a friend, and who really, really, really promises to get him back that very same day. At the ARC, Sarah (who hasn’t met Rex) alerts Connor to something suspicious – there’s a slightly unusual looking reptile on an auction site[1], which Connor immediately recognises as Rex. He convinces Sarah that it’s nothing out of the ordinary at all and manages to hide the display from Abby before calling Jack and telling him to get Rex back.

And then the fun really begins. An anomaly has opened in a car breaker’s yard, and out of it comes the Dracorex. It’s wounded, with a bit of wood sticking out of its side. The ARC crew manage to save it from being crushed by a slightly disturbed crane operator and start chasing it back to the anomaly, which they’ll be able to seal once it’s gone home. Well, it goes in, then immediately runs out, pursued by perhaps the most scary creature yet to come out of one of those strange sparkly things anomalies[2]. Yes, it’s a bloke in a tin suit on a horse, who after chasing his prey for a while, realises that he’s in a very strange place indeed, and his horse isn’t happy either. While the Dracorex heads into the woods, Sir William (yes, it’s him, duh) rides into town, where he bravely slays a motorbike.

Sarah, who’s come along for the ride, decides she can do something useful. She goes shopping for some medieval-style clothes, and persuades the soldier who’s on guard duty to unlock the anomaly and let her in.

Sir William meets Danny and Connor, and thinks that they are demons and that he is in Hell. Connor reassures him

..technically, it’s London…

Having left Danny and Connor, Sir William does the sensible thing and goes to the nearest pub, which conveniently happens to be a very old coaching inn, which looks much the same mumble-hundred years ago when Sarah finds it. In the pub, he gets into a fight with some bikers, having been alarmed by the “666” tattoo one of them has on his neck.

While Abby does a bit of field surgery on the Dracorex, Sarah goes to the church and finds out all she can about Sir William before returning to the present and doing some more research.

Sir William returns the the church, which is now a ruin, and finds the kind of thing that’s likely to spoil anyone’s day – his own tomb, which really does upset him a bit.

Danny and Connor have managed to lose Sir William thanks to a little problem with a parade full of people in costumes. Danny suggests that they should split up, but Connor, being a true geek replies

I’m not splitting up – have you not seen horror movies?? :rofl:

Luckily, they’re saved from that when Sarah calls and tells Danny that Sir William (she now knows who he is) may be at the old church. Connor goes to help Abby, Danny and Sarah go to the church. Danny gets into a fight with Sir William before he grabs Sarah and heads off to defeat the “beast”. He then confronts Abby and Connor. Abby stnads her ground and refuses to let him harm the Dracorex, and indeed does her usual martial arts thingy to convince him to leave it alone.

But he’s persuaded that the beast has been sufficiently vanquished, and that he’s not dead yet – his tomb shows that he was buried next to the wife he doesn’t have yet. And so he returns to a rapturous welcome.

Abby is going to keep the Dracorex until a suitable anomaly opens into its own time. Connor points out that it’s a bit big for her flat….

And finally, Connor goes to collect Rex. He knocks on the door of Jack’s dodgy friend and tells him to hand Rex over, or he’ll come and get him. The guy asks the fatal question

You and whose army?

so Connor steps aside to reveal Becker and a couple of soldiers with very large and quite unfriendly guns.

Mine, actually!

Excellent fun. And it was interesting to see a human come through for a change.

[1] Obviously not eBay. I don’t think they allow the sale of extinct reptiles
[2] Sorry, I’m trying to cut down on those