We apologise for any weirdness[1]

I’ve been doing a little more tweaking and twiddling today, which may have made some links go a bit wrong temporarily. It’s all to do with making the best use of the really rather nifty Carrington theme that I’m now using in place of my old Frankentheme that was derived from Sandbox, with a few bits borrowed from the standard WordPress default theme, a few bits that had lingered from previous versions of the site and a few random bits and pieces I’d found here and there.

The beauty of Carrington[2] is that I’ve had to do remarkably little to make the site work the way I want – a few little edits to hide some things and show some different things, but none of the brain-bending and code-induced :cry: I’ve had previously. Once I get into it a little more, I may take advantage of its extreme cleverness to customise certain pages more[3], but for the moment, it’s looking pretty good, with lots of quite fancy features[4] that I’ve wanted to have for a while but didn’t have the coding ability to pull off. Other themes have done a lot of this, but I never really liked the look of most of them. And Carrington does make it very simple to change the basic colours used without having to edit any CSS files, which is a job I don’t generally mind, but if I don’t have to do it, I won’t!

There was a bit of oddness with the page menu at the top when viewed with IE7[5] but I’ve changed how that works[6], and when I get round to firing up something with IE7 on it[7], I suspect I’ll find that it’s now OK.

The only lingering annoyance is that the nice little plugin that makes the list of links open and close generates a JavaScript error on IE7 and even IE8. I’ll be looking to fix that soon.

[1] Apart from the normal kind of Losing it[1] weirdness, of course. I make no apologies for that.
[2] Apart from the fact that it looks very crisp, clean and sort of professionalish
[3] This may require an extra-large tuit
[4] If you haven’t tried it already, click the “comments” link on this, or any other post and watch the form slide into view. Nice.
[5] Looked fine with IE8. I refuse to touch IE6 or below, so I don’t know how it looked with those
[6] Abandoned the nice bit of script – Matt’s Intelligent Menus which I’ve been using for years, and reverted to the standard wp_list_pages function, with the Page Link Manager plugin making sure that only the pages I want to see appear in the menu. Nice.
[7] Which means digging out my old Toshiba laptop for the first time in ages, as the Mac Mini’s Windows VM now has IE8, and the MacBook’s has Windows 7 RC. Not that I use either VM much these days…

One thought on “We apologise for any weirdness[1]

  1. Les Post author

    And, as I thought, the particular bit of oddness I was concerned about is no longer present in IE7. Some things aren’t 100% correct in that browser, but they’re not bad enough for me to want to spend any time fixing them[8]. I’ll probably leave things at the current level of tweakage for now.

    [8] The bar at the top should have the “Footnotes” text and the search box in line. In IE7, one is lower than the other. Meh.

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