Facebook: Geographically Challenged

As reported by BBC News, Facebook has taken the bizarre step of labelling most towns and cities in Wales as being in England. Now quite apart from being factually inaccurate, this is the sort of thing that makes non-English UK people get quite annoyed. While I live in England, and have done for many years, I was born and brought up in Cardiff, and it still feels like home in a way, so I wasn’t too happy about this. However, there is a work-around. If you change your hometown from Cardiff to Caerdydd[1], Facebook will describe it as being in the United Kingdom, which is at least accurate. It would be more appropriate if it said Cymru[2], but it is an improvement on “England”.

Cardiff: Not in England

Cardiff: Not in England

The strange thing about this is that they used to have it right. I could understand if a geographically-challenged US-based site failed to get the admittedly confusing details of the various bits of the UK at first, but to have it right then break it seems very odd indeed.

BBC News – Facebook moves Cardiff to England

[1] Note to furriners: that’s the Welsh name for Cardiff
[2] For linguistic consistency :cymru: