Primeval – Series 3, Episode 8

Oooooh, lots more fun in the latest episode, which started with the usual kind of fun when the team arrive at an anomaly site where they meet a very large insect. Quite improbably large, really, but we’ll let that go, because it was big and nasty enough to be a good quality monster. Anyway, it ends up getting splattered by a car, the anomaly is sealed by Connor’s clever box of tricks, which unfortunately has to stay on site until the anomaly actually disappears, as they generally do, and everyone goes back to base.

Abby’s brother Jack is still misbehaving – he manages to “borrow” her handy portable anomaly detector and heads off on his bike to try to find out what Abby is really doing (he’s pretty sure she doesn’t really work at the zoo any more…). Meanwhile, Connor has rigged up a fancy automagic laser wossname[1] to make the artifact do its fancy light show again. Also meanwhile, back at the anomaly site, a couple of guys have met another of the giant insects, with fatal consequences[2].

Back at the ARC, Abby has checked out the remains of the dead insect. Its tissues have unusually high levels of Selenium, just like the soil that was cleaned off the artifact. Could they be from the same time? Oh, and the insect has the charming adaptation of being able to lay its eggs in a body. Connor tries to call one of the guys at the anomaly site, and is surprised when Jack picks up the phone, but not as surprised as Jack is when the big ant pops up and says hello. Jack gets in the car that flattened the other insect and tries to get away, quite naturally knocking over the anomaly sealing kit and ending up driving through the anomaly into the devastated future world. Clearly something quite nasty has happened. Buildings are in ruins[3], and there are huge rifts in the ground, or perhaps sections of the land have been raised in some cataclysmic upheaval[4]. And the light is wrong. Either the sun has changed, or there’s somethinh very strange in the atmosphere…

Jack gets out of the car and falls down the nearest hole.

The good guys arrive, and go looking for Jack, without waiting for backup. And when they get through, they find that they’re in a lot of trouble. The place is full of those delightful sonar-equipped future predators. Well, this being the future, I suppose we can just call them predators now. Becker thinks they should leave and return with lots of disposable extras armed support. Abby’s not at all happy about the idea of abandoning Jack. Danny takes charge:

Danny: It’s her brother: we stay

Becker: You’re supposed to make the tough decisions

Danny: I just did.

Nice.  :cool:

Jack comes to in a dark cellar, and starts shouting for help. which isn’t an altogether good idea, given that the area is full of future predators. And there’s some nasty giant maggot, which spits at him.

Anyway, Danny rescues Jack, Becker distracts the predators long enough for them to get into a fight with lots of the giant insects, Christine Johnson’s favourite soldier is seen creeping around with a strange girl, and Sarah manages to fix the anomaly sealing thing, despite having to deal with a baby giant[5] insect.

Jack’s been quite shaken by his experience, and tells Abby that he thinks it’s time he moved out. But before he goes, he tells her something about Connor….

Abby finds Connor and asks him why he didn’t tell her about Jack losing Rex while playing poker. Connor babbles a bit (as he does) about not wanting to hurt her. And babbles a bit more until she tells him to shut up and kisses him. And about time too!

And all joking aside, I’m still really pleased with how Primeval is developing. Nicely done on the “monster of the week” level, but with enough going on in the background to make it a lot more interesting. Two more episodes to go, so I think we can expect some more plot developments next week…

[1] Technical expression
[2] That’s one of those phrases I’ve always wanted to use
[3] I’m almost certain I saw the Gherkin on the skyline, its upper section shattered
[4] Another of those phrases, etc
[5] Look, you know what I mean, right?