The Lost Luggage Porter – Andrew Martin

When I reviewed the second Jim Stringer book, The Blackpool Highflyer, I mentioned that there was a third book in the series, and that I’d get strainght on with it. Well, I seemed to misplace a tuit somewhere, and didn’t get round to buying the book at the time. In fact, the series has grown to six books while I wasn’t paying attention, but I’m starting to catch up now.

After a bit of an accident involving a steam engine’s brakes not being quite as ready as Jim thought they were, he’s moved on from his previous job. We join him as he’s just about to start work as an actual detective in the North East Railway’s own police force, based in York station. As a new face in the city, he’s immediately assigned to undercover work – he’s to find out what criminal activity is going on in and around the station. In the traditional way, this ends up being dangerous work. Can Jim foil the murderous villain of the piece? Will he get home in time for the birth of his first child? And just what is going on with the strange porter from the Lost Luggage Office? All of these questions may be answered…

As with the first two books, it’s the background details that are really the most attractive feature – this time, it’s the city of York, a place I know reasonably well that forms the backdrop, rather than the trains themselves. Good stuff, worth a read if you like a nice Edwardian detective story.