Broken Link Checker for WordPress

Now this is handy. Like any site that’s been running for a while[1], Losing it[1] has been rearranged quite a lot, which means there are quite a lot of older posts which have links to sections that have either moved, been deleted or otherwise changed. And of course, the address of the site changed a while back, which causes more confusion.

While I fixed most of the changed links with the handy Search and Replace plugin, there were inevitably some that remained borked. And given that it would take far too long to look at the HTML source for every post that might possibly have a broken link, borked is how they would stay.

Until now that is. The very useful Weblog Tools Collection told me about a plugin that would sort all this out for me quite nicely. The Broken Link Checker works in the background when the WordPress admin section is open. It looks through all your posts and checks internal and external links, and presents a list of broken links, and allows you to do sometihng with them – unlink them if they’re pointing at something that’s gone away forever, or edit them if they’re just out of date.

I’ve had a play with it this morning, and it does what it says on the tin – good stuff, and worth a look if you’ve got a load of links on your blog.

Broken Link Checker for WordPress at

[1] Over five years, which is an eternity in internet years

One thought on “Broken Link Checker for WordPress

  1. Les Post author

    And I’ve just finished fixing, or at least removing all the broken links the plugin could find. Some have seemingly gone for good, others had moved a bit, and some I was able to replace with something else.

    It did report a few false results, but I think these were form pages that didn’t like the look of the automatic process doing the asking.

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