Primeval – Series 3, Episode 9

While most of the ARC team are dealing with some Embolotherium (Embolotheriums? Embolotheria? Probably the latter) that have cone through an anomaly at a camp site, Danny is disobeying Lester’s orders and spying on Christine’s operation. The fun mosnters this week were a herd of large armoured herbivores – something like rhinos, only bigger and with more armour. So, no major problem there.

At Christine’s base, Danny manages to get in and listen in on Chrisitne attempting to interview that strange girl who was collected from the future cref [primeval-series-3-episode-8 last week]. Errr, you know what I mean. After declining to explain what the odd gadget she has is for, she does explain that anomalies are rips in time, that they’re everywhere and that some can’t be seen. She asks to be taken to the ARC, where she’ll explain. It’s at about this time that Danny is spotted, alarms go off, the girl picks up her gadget before being taken to her holding cell, where Danny is hiding. And naturally they manage to escape from all the heavily armed soldiers all over the place. She tells Danny she has to get to the ARC so she can warn them. Warn them about what, she doesn’t say.

Lots of fun and games follow at the camp site, with Connor being chased on a quad bike by the bull of the herd. Err, hold on. Connor was on the bike. The Emboltherium didn’t sign the health and safety forms, so they wouldn’t let him have one. Besides, he was a bit big for that, anyway. Anyway, the gang start getting them through the anomaly, which naturally closes, leaving a load of very large creatures heading for a campsite full of people, which can’t be good. Danny tries to herd them off in a different direction, but it’s no good. Everyone’s lined up watching the big beasts approach, Becker opens fire (like that’s going to help), and then…

The girl pulls out her gadget, which has a display remarkably similar to the pattern generated by the artifact, and indeed like Cutter’s model of anomaly positions. She presses something and an anomaly opens, which the creatures all run into before it closes again. Everyone’s quite impressed with this trick, and they’re even more impressed when she says she needs to speak to James Lester.

Danny’s a little more cautious. He’d managed to pick up her notebook earlier, and passes it to Sarah to see if she can make any sense out of it.

Back at the ARC, Christine arrives, complete with an arrest warrant for Danny. Which, unusually for such a document also requires that Lester hand over the artifact. And the girl.

While the girl is being shown the ARC, and seems quite impressed, especially when Abby seems to see her face flicker oddly when she looks at the artifact, Danny is summoned to see Lester, where he denies all knowledge of the girl.

Sarah finds a name in the book that makes Connor and Abby realise that something is definitely up. Claudia Brown, a name that means nothing to anyone except Cutter and one other person…

By now, Christine has spotted that the girl is in the ARC, and everyone gets together in the main lab. Where the girl turns off her fancy hi-tech camouflage kit and reveals herself to be Helen Cutter. She holds a gun to Christine’s head and demands that the artifact be handed over. After bluffing briefly[1], Lester lets her take the artifact, and off she goes, taking Christine with her. And where do they go but to Christine’s HQ. Helen sort of explains what she’s up to.

You started this. I’ve seen the future and it’s all your fault

Apparently, Christine’s ambition and ruthlessness will somehow lead to the devastated future and the predators destroying everything. But Helen is going to stop all that. She pushes Christine through the secret anomaly she’s been hiding in her base, then follows her. The anomaly closes just as Danny and the gang arrive.

Then it opens again, and a slightly damaged Christine tries to claw her way out before being pulled back by a future predator. Then it closes.

Danny realises that this anomaly must lead to the same time zone as the one at the race track we saw last time. And they’re going to have to follow Helen back to that singularly nasty future…

Which sets things up nicely for a very big final episode next week. Woo hoo!

[1] You want to shoot her? You’d be doing me a favour, etc…