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Somehow, I must have missed this incredibly cool bit of WordPress magic before, but a post on one of the mailing lists caught my attention enough for me to investigate.

If you’re anything like me[1], you’ll have done this once or twice. You’ve spent ages composing a long post, full of wit, wisdom and footnotes[2]. You’ve looked it over, and you’re happy, so you click the Publish button, close the admin page and go and do something else. Then you look at your actual blog and see it:


Yup, despite all your careful editing, you’ve managed to leave a word out, or used the wrong word, or made some other error that totally ruins your post. Or worse still, you’ve messed up a footnote reference[3], making your post look even sillier than you meant it to, and not in a good way. Or maybe you’ve just thought of a few words you need to add to make that post perfect.

Now normally, you’d need to go back to the admin interface and edit and resave your post. That’s not too much effort, but it takes time during which your thousands of readers are laughing at you. But there’s a quicker way: Scribu’s Front-end Editor plugin. With this installed, and provided you’re logged in to your blog[4], all you have to do to edit a post is double-click on the text, and up comes a nice little WYSIWYG editing box. Make your changes, click Save and your post is instantly updated, with nice AJAXyness.

I’ve just tried it out on my WordPress 2.8 test site, and I’m suitably impressed. I’ll be installing it here just as soon as I catch up with some other stuff I need to write about.

And yes, I’ve installed it here, and it seems to be working nicely.

The plugin is available from the WordPress Plugin Directory:

Front-end Editor

More details from the author’s site

[1] Waits for chorus of “nobody’s anything like you, Les!” from regular readers
[2] OK, that bit might just be me
[3] Not that I ever do that
[4] It would be a bit dodgy otherwise…

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