Doctor Who – A nice bit of silliness

Oh what fun. This is from a BBC TV show called “Tonight’s the Night”. which is presented by the shy and retiring John Barrowman, best known to many as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood, and indeed in Doctor Who. I’ve never seen it, and have no idea what normally goes on in it, but this bit is worth watching.

Apparently there was some sort of competition which resulted in a fan getting to record a scene specially written by Russell T Davies and starting John Barrowman.

It’s all nicely silly stuff, with Captain Jack and an alien confronting each other in the Tardis, only to be interrupted by David Tennant.

See it here

It’s a BBC iPlayer thingy, so if you’re outside the UK, you may well not be able to see it. But I’m sure somebody naughtier than me will have put in YouTube by now….