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David Tennant to Play Hamlet on TV

David’s stage performances as Hamlet were well received, and not just by the many Doctor Who fans who went along to see the man in action, so it’s not surprising that there’s going to be a TV version of the production.

BBC News reports that this will be a three-hour production, reuniting the principal cast, which includes Patrick Stewart as Claudius. Yes, that’s the Doctor[1] and Captain Picard in the same production, which guarantees a lot of geeks will be watching, even if they normally shun Shakespeare with great force.

BBC News: Tennant to reprise Hamlet for BBC

[1] Well, he won’t be the Doctor by the time this is shown, most likely. But he’ll always be the Doctor to a lot of people…

The Future of Communications Technology!

This looks like it’s a genuine[1] old GPO[2] promotional film about what were then future developments….

Like a lot of such things, it gets a few concepts vaguely right but in amusingly wrong ways. I love the method of getting a print-out. I think we should go for that, it’s so much easier than messing around with USB cables and printer drivers…

Found at Boing Boing, like a lot of other fun things

[1] As opposed to a parody made years later
[2] The General Post Office, which is the government thingy that had its phones and bits split off into BT[3] a long time ago
[3] The ultimate power of evil in the universe, of course