May 2009 Round-up

Another month seems to have slipped past me. Where do they all go? Anyway, here’s the summary:


May 1: 216.8 pounds (15 stone 6.8 pounds, 98.3 kg)
May 31: 221.8 pounds (15 stone 11.8 pounds, 100.6 kg)
Difference: A quite disturbing rise of 5 pounds (2.3 kg)

While there have been some fluctuations, there have been a lot more ups than downs. Obviously.


Yes, well. Still suffering from lack of self-control at lunchtime, which I’m sure is what does most of the damage.


Errr, yes, well. I think I managed to walk to work once. I really do need to find some of that motivation stuff.


Oooh, well. It’s been a busy month for stuff here at Losing it[1]. Including this report, I’ll have made 112 posts this month, which makes it the busiest month since May 2008, when I somehow managed 153 posts. Not only that, but I introduced a whole new look for the site. Now if only typing burned more calories…


I’m still mostly failing to get out and about with the camera. I keep meaning to, but somehow I don’t quite get it together. Ah well, maybe in June…