Daily Archives: Monday, 1st Jun 2009

The New Tiggercam is Live!

By popular request[1][2], and as mentioned yesterday, Tiggercam has returned to the internet. It’s still in its early stages, but we have a webcam image that is replaced moderately frequently[3], plus a gradually growing collection of other Tigger pictures. And as the new version is based on WordPress[4], you can even comment on Tigger’s posts.


[1] Really!
[2] And not just from that bouncy guy with the stripes
[3] The live action version may appear later
[4] Maybe I’m getting lazy in my old age, but it’s so much quicker to set up a website that way…


I went out with my lovely macro lens at lunchtime, with the intention of finding some interesting textures. And I did indeed find a few. This is from an office building on Grey Street – I was quite taken with how the numbers stand out from the texture of the stone:



Nice detail in the stonework.

And this is a detail from the otherwise not all that exciting All Saints office blocks. Part of the building I looked at has this kind of pebble-dash effect, with some really lovely little stones, with all manner of colours and textures. This is just a sample:



Close-up view of the stone surface at All Saints offices, Newcastle

More pictures when I get round to sorting them out!

Nicely Heraldic

This is another one of those architectural details that keep surprising me, even after many years in Newcastle. It’s over the main door of what’s been a restaurant[1] for many years, but must once have been one of many important commercial buildings just off the Newcastle Quayside:

Royal Insurance

Royal Insurance

Click to see it full size – it’s worth it.

[1] Well, it’s been a lot of different restaurants over the years..

Weight Report – 1 June 2009

Back down again today, which is a good start to the month.

And talking of good starts, I walked to and from work today, for the first time in, err, well, the first time this year, in fact. And I did it with a moderately heavy camera bag, too.

I took some pictures at lunchtime, which may appear somewhere sooner or later.