Daily Archives: Tuesday, 2nd Jun 2009

Weight Report – 2 June 2009

Well, well. Down again today.

I walked to work, but got the bus home as I was starting to get complaints from my ankle. Makes a change from my knees, which managed to keep quiet until I got home and walked upstairs.

Totally Eclipsed…

I was alerted to this bit of insanity by Twisty[1], who posted it on that Facebook thingy. This is one of an ongoing series where a music video has its vocals replaced (very skillfully) with someone describing what’s going on in the video rather than the original lyrics. Subtitles are provided to add to the fun. And when the video is as bat-guano sanity challenged[2] as this, the results are seriously funny. So here it is, the quite literal version of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.

If you click through to YouTube, you’ll find more examples of this kind of silliness, some better than others….

If the embedded thingy isn’t working, you can see the video here

[1] Hi Twisty! :wave:
[2] One of my current favourite phrases, and it’s mine!!!