Ever had a Duh! moment?

I had one today. As you might have noticed, I’ve been setting up the new Tiggercam site over the last few days. I’d managed to get the webcam nicely uploading pictures to the site, but a strange thing kept happening. Everything would be working just fine in the morning, then I’d go to work. But when I checked on the site from work, the webcam wasn’t working any more, and all visitors would see was a message telling them that there was no video input. I muttered a bit, scratched my head, heedless of the risk of splinters, and really had a bit of bother working out why it was failing.

It wasn’t until today that I realised what the problem was. You see, when I go out, I switch off the monitor to save power. And if I forget to switch it off, it goes into sleep mode after a while anyway. I’m not sure about the sleep thing, but I’m quite sure that switching it off stops the monitor’s handy USB ports from working, and guess where the webcam was connected? :duh: :duh:

I’ve moved the webcam to a direct port on the Mac Mini, and I’ve updated Tigger’s Live Webcam to do the exciting live update thingy. The downside of this, such as it is, is that the Lescam is now out of action until I either get another camera connected to the Mac Mini, or run it through the MacBook. Or something,

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