The Voynich Manuscript Decoded!

Anyone generally interested in oddness and the unexplained, or who has at least read the occasional issue of Fortean Times will probably have heard of the Voynich Manuscript, a bizarre manuscript full of text that has defied the efforts of cryptographers and strange diagrams. If you’ve never seen it, it’s worth a quick click of that link to Wikipedia as a starting point.

There have been a number of possible explanations offered (again, details in the Wikiwotsit page, and elsewhere), but I think we now have the definitive answer, from none other than xkcd:

xkcd: Voynich Manuscript

xkcd: Voynich Manuscript

Click to see the whole story. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is the best explanation ever offered for this previously mysterious item. Mystery solved by the power of geekiness![1]

[1] :rofl:

7 thoughts on “The Voynich Manuscript Decoded!

  1. Zlatoděj J.T.

    Voynich manuscript nenà­ velká záhada. Jsou to obyčejné zápisky českého alchymisty. Je napsán v českém jazyce a je také použita Gematrie. Vznik rukopiu 17. stoletà­. Nenà­ to hoax ani žádnའpodobnའnesmysl co čtu na webu. Je to čistÄ› alchymistické dà­lo. ZlatodÄ›j.

    1. Les Post author

      Google gives me a rough translation of:

      Voynich manuscript is a mystery. They are ordinary scraps Czech alchemist. It is written in Czech language and is also used Gematria. Establishment rukopiu 17th century. It is not a hoax and no such nonsense as I read on the web. It is purely alchemical work. Zlatoděj.

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