I Think I Might Have Become an Apple Fan

I suppose it was inevitable. First came the Mac Mini, but that was just an experiment, right? But then I gave in to the pressure and got an iPod, but that was just because my old MP3 player wouldn’t play nicely with the Mac Mini. Then there was a bit of a gap, and I got an Apple TV, but that was just because I didn’t want to have to unpack hundreds of CDs to listen to music on my sound system rather than my computer. Then I went a step further, and got a MacBook, but that was just because, err, ummm, well, oh bother, it was because I wanted it, so there!

And now, I find myself if not eagerly, then at least with interest, awaiting the news from Apple’s WWDC conference thingy. And what am I waiting for? News on the expected new iPhone models. Rumour has it that the new hardware will have a camera that’s not actually rubbish, and the new software fixes a few missing items (like cut and paste, for instance). Will it be enough to persuade me that I really have to have one? Well, that depends on the exact details. What would help would be if it’ll be avaialable on a network other than O2. Not that I particularly dislike O2, it’s just my desk at work is a dead zone for O2 coverage, rendering my work mobile unusable when at work, which was fun when we had a slight issue with our fibre connection which knocked out our landlines.

We shall see. The fun starts soon…