Just Don’t Call Me a “Fanboi”, OK

Hmmmm. Just been reading coverage from the WWDC keynote as it happened.

A few things of interest:

Snow Leopard

The next version of Mac OS X, version 10.6, will be out in September. Not a lot of new features, but some enhancements that are nice, loads of new toys in QuickTime. The main emphasis is making it run quicker, and it will take up around 6GB less disk space than the current version (Leopard, aka 10.5). As it’s not a big feature release, Leopard users will be able to get it for $29, or a family pack (that’s generally for up to five Macs) for $49. UK pricing wasn’t mentioned, but I’d guess around £20 and £35 respectively. To be honest, even if they did a direct $1 – £1, the price to upgrade both my Macs[1] would be worth it.

iPhone 3GS

Somewhat improved. 3MP camera with autofocus, and even a touchscreen autofocus – tap the part of the image you want to focus on. Now does video with upload to MobileMe, YouTube and probably other places. Other new bits and bobs, enhanced by the new OS 3.0, which adds a lot of new features. I quite like the “Where’s my iPhone” thing. You need a MobileMe account for this – log in and a Google Map will show you where you left your phone. Or at least where it was last time it reported its position. Storage gets a bump up – new models are 16GB and 32GB, with US pricing being much the same as for the previous models. Data speeds up to 7Mb are supported, and it can be used “tethered” – it’ll act as a modem for a computer connected by USB or Bluetooth[2]. It’ll be available in the US, the UK and other places from 19 June – hey, that’s next Friday, so there’s not long to wait.

This looks like it might be the one that’s good enough to tempt me. It all depends on the prices and contract details, which will no doubt be made clear in the next day or two.

[1] And it’s possible I might get a whizzier desktop Mac and move the Mini over to be a local web server, Tiggercam box and generaly spare computer.
[2] Subject to phone operator details and terms, no doubt