Primeval – Series 3, Episode 10

Well, they made us wait an extra week for the series finale.  Apparently there was some kind of talent show on instead, but never mind, it was back to proper TV on Saturday. You might recall from the last episode that Helen had caused yet more trouble, and that Danny and the gang were planning to track her down and stop her from doing any more damage. And so they head for the racetrack anomaly site, where the anomaly is still sitting there, kept nicely closed by Connor’s anomaly closing thingy. They’re just about to go through when their portable detectors alert them about another anomaly – one at Christine Johnson’s HQ. They agree to split up, with Danny, Abby and Connor going through the racetrack anomaly, and Becker and Sarah investigate the other anomaly.

Danny, Abby and Connor reach the devastated future world, and are briefly releived by the lack of Future Predators, but only until some of those lovely giant insects appear. They manage to avoid them by dodging aside and letting them fly through what they guess must be Christine Johnson’s anomaly, which promptly closes again. They continue to explore, followed by a Future Predator.

Becker and Sarah meet the big flies at Christine’s now closed HQ. After managing to deal with them, they find the anomaly is closed and return to the racetrack site.

The rest of the gang have found themselves in the ARC, still there after however many years it’s been, and in there, they find Helen, playing with some fancy touchscreen stuff, that looks not entirely unlike Microsoft Surface. Danny greets her warmly by pointing a gun in her face, and she reciprocates with a Taser in his ribs. Grabbing the gun, she invites Abby and Connor to join in the nice chat.

Helen has worked out all she needs to know about the artifact, and can now plot a route to where she needs to go through multiple anomalies. And she’s got a plan – she’s going to save the world. Danny suggests that it’s a little unusual for her to care about humanity, but she explains that she’s quite normal, and it’s not the human race she’s going to save. Yes, she’s planning to do a bit of history changing, and pausing only to destroy the artifact, she opens an anomaly and heads off on her deranged mission.

Of course, the fancy equipment has stopped running, so the gang have to improvise some power by wiring up some torch batteries, which makes it run long enough for Connor to work out that Helen’s destination is “Site 333”, the real quite actual location where some early hominid fossils were found, which may well be the ancestors of all humanity. Connor manages to get one of those handy anomaly controllers loaded with the relevant data, and they follow Helen on the first leg of the journey, just before being eaten by a predator.

As it happens, the first step of the journey involves some raptors, which chase the gang up a tree. Remembering that Becker had given them some stun grenades to deal with the predators, Danny drops one, which does indeed stun the raptors, but also makes Connor fall out of the tree. Abby stays with Connor while Danny chases Helen. He needs to hurry because their anomaly controller thingy has stopped working. Of course, it’s not that much of a problem, because Helen, after being delayed a bit by a pterosaur, has dropped her device. Danny doesn’t notice this, and runs through into the next world, where he’s just in time to not stop Helen from poisoning a family of hominids. He also doesn’t notice that he’s been followed by a raptor, which could be nearly as dangerous as Helen…

Meanwhile, Abby and a semi-stunned Connor manage to fight off one raptor, and hide up another tree…

Danny catches up with Helen, who having switched to proper Villain Mode has to explain her Cunning Plan. Humans are very bad, the world would be better without us, etc. She doesn’t mind at all that she’ll be removing herself as well as everyone else, etc. So it’s quite a relief when that raptor leaps on her causing them both to fall off a cliff and die.

Back at the racetrack, Becker and Sarah wait for the gang to return. Sarah says she has an idea…

Danny rushes back to the anomaly, which closes just before he gets to it.

And Abby and Connor are sheltering up a tree. They’ll go looking for Danny in the morning.

And that was the end. A bit of a cliffhanger to end the series, and so far there is no confirmation of a fourth series, though there are mutterings of a film version.

OK, the cliffhanger is a bit weak, as Helen’s anomaly controller is where Connor can find it, and he’s bright enough to work out how to work it enough to get everyone home. But there is the question of what changes might have been made by Helen’s attempt to extinguish our ancestors. Will we find out? I hope so.

2 thoughts on “Primeval – Series 3, Episode 10

  1. Sam Judson

    I found the ending a bit silly really, given the fact that the ‘answer’ was so obvious.

    Also, why did Helen take her backpack off just before trying to run away? I may be viewed as weird but that really got on my nerves!

    1. Les Post author

      Yes, they could do with some lessons from RTD about impossible cliffhangers. But then, at least when (if?) we see the resolution it won’t be a bit of a cheat.

      Helen abandoned her backpack because she didn’t need it any more, and wanted to travel light while eliminating her ancestors. Or it’s the kind of thing that Proper Villains do.

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