WordPress 2.8 – Release Candidate 1

Yes, the next version of WordPress, which I mentioned last month is getting close now. Final release is currently planned for Wednesday 10 June, and there’s a Release Candidate available right now.

You’ll find a download link and more information in the WordPress Development Blog announcement.

I’ve been running Tiggercam on WordPress 2.8 Beta 2 without any trouble, and the automagic updater just took Tigger up to RC1 with even less trouble.[1] Having done some testing on a copy of Losing it[1], I’ll be more than likely upgrading as soon as the final release appears.

[1] Only Tigger can deal with negative amounts of trouble thanks to his transcendental bouncing[1] abiliites. Do not try this at home, kids.
[2] This is how he can appear to be in several places[3] at the same time
[3] Including right next to himself