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We all make the occasional typo when preparing web pages. Sometimes someone is really unlucky and their error is caught by Google, then mocked by everyone on the internet.
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Twittering: 2009-06-09

  • WordPress 2.8 RC1 is now out. Looks stable and ready to go. Running it on @tiggercam without any trouble so far #
  • @bengoldacre …and yet still too high, dammit. in reply to bengoldacre #
  • Apparently this will automagically post this tweet to Facebook. Might cause an implosion as Friendfeed does that already #fb #
  • Is it sad that I’m watching to find out what’s happening at #wwdc or just a sign that I’ve become a Machead? #
  • RT @tuaw_wwdc: Apple PR: Snow Leopard shipping in September for $29! (Even if that ends up as £29, it’s a nice deal) #
  • Nice. I’ll be able to upgrade both Macs to Snow Leopard for whatever $49 ends up being here. Faster, smaller and some new toys. Bargain. #
  • Never lose your iPhone. Log in to MobileMe and it’ll show you on a map. Just make sure you keep your MobileMe password safe #
  • Oooh, and remote wipe! Security! Woo! Hoo! #
  • @MojaveMedia I’d have to get the iPhone first… in reply to MojaveMedia #
  • @MojaveMedia Reading live updates from WWDC. It’s looking quite likely now :) http://www.macrumorslive.com/ in reply to MojaveMedia #
  • Giving Safari 4 a try. Seems pretty quick so far… #

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