Daily Archives: Thursday, 11th Jun 2009

Hey, it works!

I tried to get Timothy Armes’ LR2/blog Lightroom plugin to work a while ago, but it didn’t want to play nicely. But it seems some changes made in WordPress 2.8 to how the XML-RPC stuff works sounded like it might make a difference. And I’m happy to say that it did. Here’s my reaction to the good news:

It works!!!

It works!!!

So I can now export pictures from Lightroom direct to WordPress. This is seriously good, and I’ll be making an appropriate donation to Tim[1] shortly.

[1] Partly to get the full, unrestricted version of the plugin, but mostly because I like to encourage people who create useful software


I was just having a look through my website statistics, and saw that one of the visits was somebody looking at a Google translation of an old post. I clicked to have a look at what Google’s linguistic wossnames had done, and found it oddly appealing:



Or maybe it’s just me that’s odd :cheesy:

When WordPress Automatic Upgrade Doesn’t

This morning, I mentioned that WordPress 2.8 had escaped been released, and that I was waiting for this site to show the automagic upgrade notification. Well, I left it for quite a few hours, and nothing happened, even though the other WordPress sites I look after had long since done the deed. So, I did a bit of digging and found[1] a suggestion that made some kind of sense.

Here’s what I tried:

  1. In the admin panel. I went to Tools, then Upgrade
  2. When I looked, it was telling me that 2.7.1 was the latest version, and there was no need to upgrade, but I could reinstall if I liked
  3. I clicked on the big, friendly Re-install Automatically button
  4. WordPress went and grabbed a fresh copy of the zip of 2.7.1 and installed it
  5. As soon as it had done that, the “Hey, there’s a new version” message appeared
  6. I accepted the option to upgrade, which worked as quickly and painlessly as I expected

I don’t know why it didn’t work without being given a slap like this. Probably random weirdness, or my general habit of twiddling and tweaking on this site more than the others. However, it did work in the end, and it was still a lot less effort than a manual install, or even using a script.

I’m posting this with suitable tags in the hope that if anyone else gooooooogles for this problem, they’ll find an answer more quickly than I did.

And remember, always have a backup. And a backup of your backup.

[1] Sorry, can’t remember where, I was randomly gooooogling[2] and scanning lots of pages
[2] But not binging. I haven’t bung[3] yet, and I may never get round to it
[3] I think that sounds better than binged

WordPress 2.8 is out

Yes, the latest version of WordPress slipped out while I was asleep.

There’s an official announcement, complete with a video demo.

And there’s a nice collection of links about the new bits from Weblog Tools Collection.

Key improvements include the ability of browse and install themes in the same way as plugins. That’s nice. And at last, Widgets can be managed without resorting to pulling out hair and screaming

Why did it throw away my settings?

Talking of widgets, there’s a new framework for wriitng these. The old methods will still work for now, but may break in a future release. Which means I’ll need to update my List Drafts Widget at some point. I’ll have to find my brain’s coding module and try to persuade it to load. :rolleyes:

As to WordPress 2.8, the automatic update thingy was offering it to Tiggercam when I looked there earlier, but so far Losing it[1] hasn’t been offered the upgrade, presumably because it hasn’t reached whatever time limit there is before it checks. As the automatic process has worked well for me so far, I’m happy to wait a little while and upgrade this site when I get the notification…