WordPress 2.8 is out

Yes, the latest version of WordPress slipped out while I was asleep.

There’s an official announcement, complete with a video demo.

And there’s a nice collection of links about the new bits from Weblog Tools Collection.

Key improvements include the ability of browse and install themes in the same way as plugins. That’s nice. And at last, Widgets can be managed without resorting to pulling out hair and screaming

Why did it throw away my settings?

Talking of widgets, there’s a new framework for wriitng these. The old methods will still work for now, but may break in a future release. Which means I’ll need to update my List Drafts Widget at some point. I’ll have to find my brain’s coding module and try to persuade it to load. :rolleyes:

As to WordPress 2.8, the automatic update thingy was offering it to Tiggercam when I looked there earlier, but so far Losing it[1] hasn’t been offered the upgrade, presumably because it hasn’t reached whatever time limit there is before it checks. As the automatic process has worked well for me so far, I’m happy to wait a little while and upgrade this site when I get the notification…