Twittering: 2009-06-14

  • Removed Friendfeed, which should cut some FB duplication and needless confusion. I can confuse people quite well enough on my own #fb #
  • Of course, remembering to remove the Twitter app from FB might have helped. *This time* there should be no repetition. #fb #
  • OK, that wasn't going to work. Well not without major surgery, anyway. This way we should still avoid the duplicates…. #
  • @samjudson It got "interesting" when the same thing appeared three times (Flickr, Twitter, WordPress..). in reply to samjudson #
  • Ooops. @Tweetie slightly borked by #twitpocalypse, but only in functions I don't use. Still my preferred way to deal with #twitter. #
  • Another half-price gem – #
  • Oh dear. I'm seriously contemplating getting an iPhone 3GS. It's not the perfect phone, but it might just be close enough. #

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