Frasier – the Entire Collection DVD

It took me a while to catch on to Frasier – it was generally shown moderately late on Fridays on Channel 4, if I recall correctly, and wasn’t widely publicised. But I caught on at some point[1] and really got into it – it was always funny, occasionally moving, generally very clever and had a great set of characters at its heart.

I sort of drifted away from it in the last few years, but having seen most of the episodes on the seemingly endless re-runs on whatever cable channel they were on, I grew to appreciate the later seasons as much as I did the earlier ones[2]. But the trouble with daily re-runs is that it’s too easy to miss a few episodes. Or indeed a lot of episodes.

So, I thought about getting the DVDs. But as there were eleven years of the show, and each box set cost at least £25, that would have been a wee bit expensive. Then this set appered – all the shows in one big package. I was tempted when it was on sale at £128 or thereabouts, but resisted. Then Amazon had it on offer for something around the £75 mark, at which point I just had to get it, and I did.

In the box are four of those folders of stacking digipak thingies, each containing 11 DVDs. There’s nothing much in the way of documentation other than episode lists on the back of each of the four folders. Special features are few – there are some documetaries on the first couple of seasons and on the last. But those are minor gripes – what you get for your money is a huge amount of TV that you will want to watch again and again (well, I know I will). Great stuff at a silly price.

And that price must have been very silly indeed. Between me buying the set and finally finishing watching it last week, they’ve sold out, and it’s only available from resellers at a much higher price. Sorry if you missed it.

[1] I really don’t recall when
[2] Though I never could work out why Daphne’s numerous brothers all had completely different accents

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  1. Twisty

    Two thumbs way way up. You already know what a HUGE fan I am of Frasier. I think it’s very cool that we share this commonality.

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