Going Mobile

Now that I have a mobile device that displays web pages in a remarkably useful manner[1], I thought it would be a good idea to make Losing it[1] as mobile friendly as possible. To do this, I’ve installed the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin. This is slightly more complicated to install than the usual run of plugins – you have to manually copy the folder for the mobile theme into the WordPress themes directory, and keep that up to date when the plugin changes. A wee bit more work than many users will be used to in these days of automagic installations and upgrades, but not all that hard[2]

Anyway, the idea is that rather than loading the whole home page when someone goes to the site while using a mobile device[3], it generates a simple front-end which lists the titles of recent posts, and offers a link towards the bottom to display the full site.  It’s all based on the same Carrington theme that I use anyway, so the mobile version doesn’t look too bad at all. And if anyone visiting on an iPhone, Android Phone, or other smaller device of their choice doesn’t like the basic version, the full site is just a tap away.

[1] So far I’m quite impressed with the way the iPhone renders pages completely, and allows easy zooming in and out to read text and see images properly.
[2] Either via FTP or command line, depending on how you like to do things.
[3] It knows about a lot of devices and recognises them by their user agent strings. You can add more if you need to.