NetNewsWire – iPhone Version

Quite some time ago, I mentioned that I was quite impressed with NetNewsWire, a particularly nice, and particularly free RSS reader for Mac OS X. Well, since then, it’s become a bigger and bigger part of my computing life, and thanks to its habit of synchronising with Newsgator, I can have it on the MacBook and the iMac, or use the Newsgator web thingy if I’m not using my own kit, and keep nicely up to date with all the things I want to keep up to date with.

Now that I have an iPhone, with its “unlimited”[1] data allowance and eagerness to attach to free wireless networks, it seemed natural enough to look for an RSS reader for the little thing, and would you believe it? Yes, there’s a version of NetNewsWire for the iPhone, and like the Mac OS X version, it’s free[2]. Also like the full-sized version, it synchronises via Newsgator, so it keeps in step with my Macs.

It’s been nicely designed to work easily on a small device. The main page lists all your feeds that have unread items, with an unread count for each. Tapping on one of these shows you a list of items in the feed in question, and tapping on one of those shows the item. If the feed offers full content, you’ll see it all – a bit of scrolling or zooming may be needed if there are pictures involved. If all you’re getting is an excerpt, tapping the title flicks to a new screen which renders the web page with the full article. There’s an option to open the page in Safari, which would be useful if you want to explore the site, or add a bookmark.

Overall, it works nicely, and I’d describe it as just as essential as the big version. Available from an App Store near you now.

[1] Subject to such notions as “fair use”, “if we say so”, and so on
[2] Which is nice. I’d have no trouble paying a small amount for it