Addiction Warning! (Or, Bejewelled 2 on iPhone)

Bejewelled is one of those classic games that can be dangerously addictive. It’s deceptively simple – all you have to do is switch coloured jewels around to make lines of three or more, but it has that “just one more game” factor. I believe someone or other described it as being like crack. Not having used crack, I couldn’t really judge, but I’ve enjoyed playing it on various computers and phones, and occasionally spent far to long at it now and then.

But all those versions pale into insignificance compared to the iPhone version. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. It’s standard Bejewelled, but perfectly designed for the touchscreen interface of the iPhone. No mice, no moving a cursor[1], just tap the jewel you need to move. Quite superb, and as near to perfect as a game can get. Well worth the £1.79 it costs from the App Store, and installs quite nicely over WiFi directly to the iPhone. Me like.

[1] Quite fiddly on joystick phones