Best. Tetris. Ever.

OK, now I’m really impressed. I’ve played a lot of versions of Tetris over the years, from the classic monochrome GameBoy original, thorough a nifty 3D version on my old Atari ST[1] and assorted computer, console and mobile phone versions since then. But now I’ve found the niftiest yet. It’s simple enough – in the levels I’ve played so far, it’s classic Tetris as we know and love it, but it’s the controls that make it something special.

It’s an excellent example of an application that’s been designed to work on the iPhone. Tapping to the left or right of the descending piece rotates it. Moving to the left or right is a simple matter of sliding a finger in the appropriate direction. Moving downwards is done with a slide, and a quick drop is just a fast flick away. It really works remarkably well, and I was quite happy to pay £2.99 for it – it’s several million times more playable that the Java version I had on my Sony Ericsson phone, which I think might have been a wee bit more expensive.

[1] Yes, I am going back 20 years now…

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