Torchwood – Children of Earth – Ummmmm

Well, that was interesting. Lots going on, all beautifully put together in glorious HD, featuring a particularly nasty alien menace, self-serving politicians, military types doing the old “obeying orders no matter how unspeakable” bit, a few revelations about Captain Jack’s past and in general, much to enjoy.

But without giving away too much to people who might not have seen it yet, on first viewing, I totally hated the ending. No, really. It started to head in the wrong direction at the end of episode four, and the last part took things in an even darker direction.

Will Torchwood return? If it does, it’s going to be a very different show. Too much has been lost for it to continue as it was, and while I’m not averse to taking shows in different directions to keep them interesting, I can’t help feeling that Children of Earth might just have been several steps too far in the wrong direction.

3 thoughts on “Torchwood – Children of Earth – Ummmmm

    1. Les Post author

      Well, Torchwood has always been a BBC Wales production, so that would be a major change. But as RTD is apparently heading off to work in the US, it won’t be his baby any more, so who knows?

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