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August 2009 Round-up

Oh dearie me, it all seems to have gone wrong again this month, doesn’t it?


August 1: 213.4 pounds (15 stone 3.4 pounds, 96.8 kg)
August 31: 218.8 pounds (15 stone 8.8 pounds, 99.2 kg)
Difference: A quite annoying rise of 5.4 pounds (2.4 kg). I haven’t quite got back to where I was at the end of June, but it’s not far from that.


Apart from the odd over-indulgent evening, and a few nice lunches, I’ve been sticking to the plan. Well, apart from maybe drinking a wee bit more wine…


Hmmm. Not so good. Out of 20 working days in August, I walked to work four times and walked home 2.5 times. I did have some quite long weekend walks earlier in the month, though. My problem at the moment is that I seem to have a dodgy tendon thingy, which is making walking any distance a bit of a trial…

I’ll try to do better in September.


I calmed down a bit this month, and what with less Twittering and missing a few weight reports, the total for this month will be a relatively sane 59.


I managed a couple of days out this month to places I hadn’t been to before, which was good. I’m going to set myself a target of doing something similar at least twice in September. Nothing particularly dramatic, but I fancy a return visit to the National Railway Museum in York for a start…

Weight Report – 31 August 2009

Ooops. Well, the fact is that I decided to give myself a break from the semi-diet for the long weekend, with predictable results. Never mind, etc. Back to work and eating a little more sensibly tomorrow.

Snow Leopard – First Impressions

Well, I decided that a long weekend was the ideal time to break upgrade my computers, so rather than wait for my upgrade DVD for the iMac, or the Family pack I’d ordered from Amazon for the other two to arrive, I’d go out and see if I could get it locally. As it happened, Micro Anvika had the single user pack in their store within Fenwick’s in Newcastle, so I bought one of those at the not outrageous price of £25. I then cancelled the order from Amazon, as I won’t be needing that five computer licence. I will buy another single one from them, as it’ll be slightly cheaper that way, but that’s just a licensing formality.

Having got my DVD, and having made bootable backups of all three Macs with SuperDuper, I decided to attack the MacBook first. I don’t keep any real data on it – it’s all either stored on my iDisk or just lives on there temporarily while I work with it, so it’s the easiest to deal with if anything went wrong. I decided to give this one a full wipe and reinstall rather than a simple upgrade. This proved to be quite simple. Boot from the DVD – hold down the key people still refer to as Option, even though newer Mac keyboards label it as alt, while the computer starts, and pick the installation DVD from the selection of drives. Once the installer loads, go to the menu and run disk utility to erase the hard drive, then just start the installer.

It does what it needs to do, boots once or twice, then comes up with the familiar “Welcome” video and invites you to choose your settings. Reinstalling software was the usual fun job, with most things behaving themselves nicely. The only exceptions so far are WideMail, which I find makes’s interface more useful, but which is not yet compatible, and PTHPasteboard, which won’t install[1] on the grounds that it wants at least version 10.4 of MacOS X, and I’m running 10.6[2]. I’ve replaced it with the free Jumpcut, which isn’t as sophisticated, but seems to do what I need.

Apart from that, the MacBook seems perfectly happy. As has been widely reported, this isn’t a massive dramatic upgrade, but it does make things a wee bit quicker.

I gave the Mac Mini an upgrade. This is even easier, as you can start the process from a running computer. It upgrades the OS, reboots and after muttering to itself a bit, comes back to life in a newer and shinier form.

I’ll probably go for the upgrade option on the iMac, too. I’ve already upgraded iBank to the new version that I’ll need, replaced PTHPasteboard with Jumpcut, and everything else should be fine.

[1] Though it appears to still work on the Mac Mini after upgrading to Snow Leopard
[2] So, no maths prizes there. The website for the app currently consists of a statement that the app is no longer sold because of “Snow Leopard issues”

Weight Report – 28 August 2009

Yes, well. I was afraid of that. Wednesday night might have involved a lot of wine, a slightly large whisky or two plus assorted food, and it all seems to have stuck.

Apple Update Time: Snow Leopard is Coming

A few months ago, Apple announced that the next version of Mac OS X – that’s 10.6, or Snow Leopard, to give it its pussycat name[1] would be released in September. Now we all know software release dates. September often turns into next July, or worse, but this time things are different. After a bit of speculation, it’s been confirmed that Snow Leopard will be formally released this Friday, 28 August. OK, that’s only a few days before the beginning of September, but by software standards it’s more than a little unusual.

Snow Leopard isn’t a massive upgrade – it’s mostly a matter of refinements, tweaks, and a lot of background stuff that users won’t see, but which will provide developers with a solid platform to make better applications. And it’s for those reasons that Apple are keeping the price down. Subject to the usual mutterings about US to UK price conversions being a bit dodgy ($29 becomes £25, but it’s important to note that the US price does exclude sales taxes), it’s remarkably cheap for an OS upgrade. And if (like me) you have multiple Macs, there’s the 5 licence “family pack”, which I’ve ordered from Amazon at a quite reasonable £39.

I’ll be installing it on the MacBook more or less immediately, and on the Mini and the iMac soon after. Details, reports, and comments may follow. Or not, depending.

[1] All these versions of Mac OS X have been named after some kind of kitty cat. The current one, 10.5, is Leopard, before that there was Tigger Tiger, and so on and so forth