Weight Report – 2 August 2009

Back up a bit today, but that may be something to do with me having a quite lazy day yesterday.

But I made up for that today with a trip to Berwick upon Tweed. Berwick is a lovely old walled town with some great bridges, walls, ramparts and other stuff. It was my first visit, though I’ve been through it on the train many times. Every time I’ve gone to Edinburgh, I’ve looked out at Berwick and thought that it looked like a nice place to go. I’d planned to go back in June, but on the day I had available, it rained quite horribly, so I gave it a miss.

But yesterday, I decided that I’d actually do something this weekend, and as the weather kept up, I made the effort, and took the train (£20.50 return) to Berwick. I had a good long walk along the ramparts, wandered back through the town, then enjoyed a riverside walk which provided an excellent view of the bridges. After that, I walked up several million[1] steps back to the station, and got the train back to Newcastle.

Photos and more details will appear in due course.[2]

[1] Possible exaggeration
[2] That’s my new version of “when I get around to it”