Daily Archives: Saturday, 8th Aug 2009

The Lescam is Back!

Yes, well, it seems I finally found that tuit. You might recall that the original webcam is being used by Tigger, meaning that anyone wanting to watch me at work would have to make their own, quite possibly illegal arrangements. I said at the time that once I had another webcam, I’d get round to reactivating the Lescam, but this must have slipped my mind when I got the iMac, which does of course have its own built in iSight camera.

Anyway, a little tweaking later[1] and it’s up and running. It’ll be available on the usual “when I feel like it” basis, from the friendly link at the top of the page. Or here if you’re reading this in an RSS thingy, or just can’t be bothered looking upwards…