I’ve got a long one!

A lens, that is. Kindly take your minds out of the gutter! Thanks to my good friend Mr Miller[1], I’ve obtained a suitably long telephoto zoom lens for somewhat less than I was expecting to pay. And I do like a bargain. Full details to follow, but here’s a quick test shot taken from my back window, looking across the Team Valley towards what I think is Lobley Hill Road[2]. It’s either that or somewhere near it, anyway. The approximate straight line distance to the shop in the centre of the picture is a mile and a half.

Telephoto Test

Telephoto Test

At the long end of hte Sigma 150-500mm lens. Hand-held. The corner shop is about a mile and a half away...

The picture was taken without a tripod, so it may not be as sharp as it could be (and reportedly the lens tends to be a little on the soft side at its extreme end), but it’s pretty clear….

[1] Hi Kevin :wave:
[2] Google Street View doesn’t go quite far enough for me to be sure.

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