Firefox 3.5.x + WordPress 2.8.x = WTF

I haven’t yet tried this on Windows, which might narrow down the cause of the problem, but this is what happens a lot in my WordPress admin panel

Blank look

Blank look

I also find the media uploader goes blank. A quick scroll of the mouse wheel brings it all back to normal, but it’s more than a little annoying. When it started, I reverted to Firefox 3.0.x, but as I’d rather be using 3.5.x in general, I’ve upgraded again.

I’m going to do a little detective work on this – removing Firefox extensions and WordPress plugins and see what happens…

Hmmm. Tested this on Windows XP, and it behaves as it should…. So it’s either a Firefox extension I have at home, or some display weirdness on Mac OS X…

And it looks like it’s the old Custom Smilies plugin that’s been doing it. In its defence, it is an old version, which has been replaced, but as I didn’t like something about the newer version, I stuck with the old one. Bother.