Canon EOS 7D – Mutter

Don’t you hate it when that happens? You buy something quite expensive, like a Canon 5D MkII for instance, and then two months later, Canon announce a new model that’s cheaper and in a lot of ways better.

The newly announced 7D doesn’t have the full-frame sensor of the 5D, and it has not quite as many megapixels (18 vs. 21), but it’s got a lot of other very desirable features. More autofocus points, for a start. A choice of frame rates for the HD video. A new metering system and even more impressive high ISO range.

If this beast had been announced just two months earlier, I’d more than likely have hung onto my money and carried on with the 30D until I could get a 7D. As it is, I’ll be considering my options. I could look at selling the 5D, making a bit of a loss, then getting the 7D. Or I could decide to just keep the 5D and do a lot of muttering. :rant:

It’s not so much the better technology coming along – I expect that. It’s the timing. If this had come out a year after I bought the 5D, I’d have shrugged it off. As it is, I’m in major MUTTER mode.