My New Photo Site

Update: the new new photography site is live at Les Bessant Photography, which doesn’t use any of the thingies mentioned in this post.

I’ve been vaguely contemplating this for a while, and now, after some moderate experimentation and even more contemplation, I’ve made up my mind. I’m splitting the random mutterings of this here weblog thingy from my photographs. I won’t actually be removing the existing photos unless I manage to find a singularly large tuit that will allow me to move them all to the new site[1], but all new galleries, and a selection of the old ones will be created on an all-new website at an all-old address. Yes, I’ve finally decided what to do with the former address of Losing it[1]!

You can see the beginnings of this fancy new site at

The new site is generated using some nifty Lightroom modules from The Turning Gate, a site that’s well worth investigating. In particular, I’m using:

  • TTG Pages to create the basic structure of the site
  • TTG Highside Gallery Pro to create nifty gallery pages that automagically create nicely working slideshows without all the hoop-jumping that Gallery2 required. They also play nicely on all current browsers and quite a few older versions. If you’re using something more basic or old for some reason, you’ll still be able to see the pictures. As the images aren’t being yanked out of a database, there’s less load on the server, so the pages should pop up nice and quickly.
  • TTG AutoIndex to allow me to have multiple levels of nested galleries. It was either that or end up with far too many galleries on a single page, which would have been messy.

I’d recommend anyone who uses Lightroom and wants to get their pictures on to a website to have a look at these tools – free demos are available, and Matthew Campagna, the developer is working hard to keep improving the products. He also makes a point of helping his users with problems.

Anyway, the first new gallery is up – it’s a small selection of pictures from today’s lunchtime wander with my Lensbaby attached to the 5D. More on that later, when suitable tuits are available.

The appearance of the new photo site may change over the next few weeks, as I fiddle about and generally see what does and doesn’t work. Comments and suggestions via this post, or the comment form on the new site are welcome.

[1] Think of flying pigs delivering the Holy Grail to a herd of unicorns as a measure of the probability of that happening any time soon