Daily Archives: Wednesday, 30th Sep 2009

September 2009 Round-up

You might have gathered from the lack of posts this month that I’m not quite firing on all metaphorical cylinders. Anyway, here’s the report


September 1: 217.6 pounds (15 stone 7.6 pounds, 98.7 kg)
September 30: 221 pounds (15 stone 11 pounds, 100.2 kg)
Difference: Another rise, this time of 3.4 pounds (1.5 kg)

I haven’t been logging my weight every day this week, but it’s been a general upward movement…


I have temporarily[1] thrown in the towel[2] and reverted to having a few sausage rolls here and there. On the other hand, I have reduced the number of bottles of wine completed each week.


Pretty much a total lack of walking this month. The dodgy tendon thingy doesn’t seem to be going away, so it looks like I’ll have to see the doctor soonish.


Quietest. Month. Ever. Including this one, I managed just 14 posts this month. Quite shocking, especially as I have a growing pile of DVDs to babble about, which will shortly be joined by some books that will also need a bit of a review. And some music. I may get it together in October. Or not, depending on whether I can work out what it is.


Apart from a brief bit of photography, and setting up a new photo site, I haven’t got a lot done in September.

[1] Probably. Maybe
[2] Or indeed the whole laundry basket