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October 2009 Round-up

Last month’s lack of motivation has dragged on…


Errr, dunno. I’ve stopped doing the daily weighing thingy for the time being, due to the motivational issues I’ve already mentioned.


Yeah, been doing that quite a bit.


And not a lot of that, either.


Including this slightly late post, the total for October will be 15, just one more than last month’s low. And the pile of stuff I need to write about is continuing to grow. On the other hand, this month’s total wasn’t padded out by Twitter posts, and did include some pictures.


I think I’ve been a bit too worn out with work[1] for most of the month to get much done, other than get a shiny new camera and take some pictures. I’ve got a week off now, so perhaps I’ll manage to get some more things done…

[1] Probably. Maybe
[2] Or indeed the whole laundry basket

WordPress for iPhone v2

Woo, hoo, etc. The nifty free WordPress iPhone app has been upgraded to a shiny new version. It’s in the App Store now, and works with both self-hosted WordPress and sites.

If you’re already using version 1, you won’t be offered an automatic (or even Aotomattic) update – it’s a separate new app, and will politely sit next to the old one.

I’m not sure what’s worse

Is it bad that I really, really, really wanted a beer[1] as soon as I got home?

It's been a bit of a week

It's been a bit of a week

This seemed like a good idea.

Or is it worse that I just had to take a nice shallow DoF picture of the beer before drinking it?

[1] Good quality stuff[2], you’ll notice
[2] And I have the official glass[3], too
[3] Christmas present :smile:

WordPress 2.8.5 is out

This one is described as a “security hardening release” – intended to protect against potential problems, and one actual one.

Full details on the development blog.

The automatic update prompt should be nagging you to do the deed, or you can download it from the usual place.

It was the usual quick and painless automatic process for both Losing it[1] and Tiggercam.

River God: Up Close and Personal

While I’ve been having fun with my new Olympus E-P1, I wouldn’t want you to think I’ve abandoned my big Canon beasties. But I am once again behind with doing something with my pictures. But here’s a little sample from a recent lunchtime walk with my lovely 100mm macro lens. I went to some of the same places I visited with the Lensbaby, to see the difference. Here’s the Tyne River God on Newcastle Civic Centre:

River God Revisitied

River God Revisitied

After the recent Lensbaby fun, I went back with my 100mm macro lens

Without the water running down him, it’s possible to see some quite lovely detail in the sculpture. In fact, let’s take a closer look:

River God Up Close

River God Up Close

A tighter crop of the same image

This is one of those times when having a camera with a ludicrous number of pixels and a honking big full-frame sensor really pays off. No zoomage was involved here – I was using a 100mm prime lens, and as I didn’t have a platform to stand on, the only way I could get in closer was, well, not to get any closer. The second image is a cropped version of the first one.


I’ve been enjoying getting to grips with my new Olympus E-P1 over the last few days. The weather’s been a bit meh, so I haven’t had much of a chance to have a longer lunchtime wander, but I did take a few pictures this morning while I was waiting for the bus. This is a close view of raindrops on leaves. I’m quite impressed with that 17mm lens – for such a small thing[1] it produces some quite impressive results.

Wet Morning

Wet Morning

While I was waiting for the bus, I took this shot of raindrops on leaves.

[1] It makes my lovely little Canon 50mm lens look huge!

Haunted Sofa?

There seems to be an extra me. And both of us are looking a little insubstantial

There's a ghost in my house....

There's a ghost in my house....

I'm fading away

(I’m playing with the multiple exposure feature of the Olympus E-P1)


I spotted this little item while in a department store today[1]. I was actually looking for a suitable bag for my Olympus E-P1[2], but I do tend to get distracted like that.



Somehow, the apostrophe abuse would be a little less annoying if the offending product didn’t have the word “intelligent” in its name…

[1] Name withheld to protect the guilty[3]
[2] I didn’t find one
[3] OK, it was John Lewis