That’ll be the Moon, then

I was just sorting some clothes out this evening when I happened to glance out of my bedroom window and saw the moon looking bright and clear. So, I decided it was a good opportunity to play with my 150-500mm lens again.

I got the 5D Mk II on the tripod, and after a few manual exposures showed huge amounts of shake, I got the MacBook, a USB cable and the iPhone. I tethered the camera to the MacBook and fired up the free server app from onOne Software, and the corresponding iPhone app too. This allowed me to change settings on the camera and trigger the shutter without touching it and creating camera shake. I got a few shots, some over-exposed, some under, some a bit too soft, but this one isn’t too bad for an early experiment:

The Moon

The Moon

Testing that 500mm lens

It could do with being a little sharper – I think pulling the lens back to maybe 400mm might improve that, as would fiddling around with a few more aperture values. But it’ll do for now.

Fancy software from onOne Software and the iPhone app store

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    1. Les Post author

      Thanks – I might try with the 2x converter next time. Does have a slight softness problem at the long end, but I should be able to get a reasonable image a 800mm or so….

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