October 2009 Round-up

Last month’s lack of motivation has dragged on…


Errr, dunno. I’ve stopped doing the daily weighing thingy for the time being, due to the motivational issues I’ve already mentioned.


Yeah, been doing that quite a bit.


And not a lot of that, either.


Including this slightly late post, the total for October will be 15, just one more than last month’s low. And the pile of stuff I need to write about is continuing to grow. On the other hand, this month’s total wasn’t padded out by Twitter posts, and did include some pictures.


I think I’ve been a bit too worn out with work[1] for most of the month to get much done, other than get a shiny new camera and take some pictures. I’ve got a week off now, so perhaps I’ll manage to get some more things done…

[1] Probably. Maybe
[2] Or indeed the whole laundry basket