Daily Archives: Monday, 30th Nov 2009

November 2009 Round-up

And still the purple bird of motivation[1] declines to fly towards me…..


The weight thinginess has been suspended for the time being.


I have been managing to restrict my lunchtime eating most days. In fact, I’ve been quite good. So there.


I actually dragged[2] my exercise bike down from the spare bedroom and even managed a few short sessions on it a couple of weeks ago. I’ll aim to do more of that…


Including this post, the total for November will be 11, which is a new low. That pile of stuff I need to write about is beginning to worry the Tiggers, but I can’t quite get in the frame of mind required to write random stuff.


After a brief flurry of activity at the beginning of the month, I sort of lost it again….

[1] I may have invented that
[2] Literally. It’s a wee bit heavy