So, what’s going on, then?

As you might have gathered from the relative silence around here, I’ve been spending a lot less time writing stuff this year. Partly it’s a motivation thing, partly a having other things to do, and partly the kind of wossnameness[1] that sets in after running a site for over five years.

I’m considering starting a new blog which will live with the new photo site – and I’ll be adding more content to that over the next couple of happily work-free weeks. That won’t be a frequently updated one, but it’ll have my photography-related stuff on it, and perhaps the occasional mutter. This site will stay where it is, complete with the old photo galleries[2]. If I find some tuits, I’ll get back to the DVD, book and music reviews, but don’t hold your breath…

[1] You know – thingy
[2] The alternative would be editing hundreds of old posts, removing links to Gallery, inserting new links to the new site, and would be quite tedious.

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