WordPress 2.9 has landed

Yes, the latest shiny new version of WordPress has arrived. This one comes with some fancy new features, including a “Trash” facility. So now, when you delete a post, page, or comment, instead of getting one of those “are you sure?” messages, you’ll find it goes away immediately. But if you change your mind, you’ll be able to get it back.

Move to trash replaces delete

Also on board are better image editing and video embedding without the need for plugins – I haven’t tested these yet, but they sound like they could be useful.

Full details are on the development blog, where you’ll also find the download details.

The automatic upgrade thingy worked instantly on Tiggercam but stuck at a blank screen here on Losing it[1]. That’s the first time I’ve had a problem since the automagic feature arrived, and I’ll file it under general weirdness for now. I had no trouble running the update manually.